Project ME Open-World Simulation | Discover the Exciting Features

The company Overthrew and game developer Pathea Games have revealed that they are working on a new game called “Project ME” which takes place in the same world as “My Time.” They have announced that a closed alpha playtest will be held for the game on Android devices, and interested players can sign up on Pathea Games’ official website until June 20th to participate.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Nuverse on this new project,” says Aaron Deng, Vice President of Pathea Games. “Our team is dedicated to expanding the ‘My Time’ IP as well as committed to sharing the joyful and memorable experiences of our existing titles with a broader audience. However, it is important to note that ‘Project ME’ has a new independent team outside of our “My Time at Sandrock” development team, ensuring that “My Time at Sandrock” progress towards the Sandrock launch remains unaffected.”

Project Me Is An Upcoming RPG 2023

Open World Exploration – The game will have a big, open world with different types of landscapes in at least eight regions. It will still be part of the “My Time” universe but will have new stories and roles to play.

Construction and Management Simulation – Like before, the game will focus on simulating construction and management. However, it will have more options for customizing and decorating interiors, building farms, expanding to cities, and managing as a governor.

Mysterious Storyline and NPC Interactions – The new game will introduce new stories within the “My Time” universe. You will have more in-depth interactions with non-player characters (NPCs), and they will play a bigger role in the gameplay. You can employ NPCs and learn about their abilities as you become the city’s mayor!

Ecosystem and Player-Driven Experiences – The game will be shaped by the players who participate in it. Their actions and choices will influence the game’s development. You can play the game alone or with others in multiplayer mode, and working together can enhance the simulation experience.

The concept of “Project ME” could involve creating a highly immersive open-world simulation focused on the personal development and growth of an individual. It could provide a virtual space where users can engage in various activities related to self-improvement, such as learning new skills, setting and achieving goals, managing their physical and mental well-being, and building relationships with virtual characters or other players.


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